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About Us

We make your memories last

Because our lives are nothing but a bunch of memories shared closely with our loved ones, we make sure that these special moments last forever. We create songs based on your story – with every precious detail and every memory revived. Our aim is to capture happiness into melodies that give joy – Forever.

Every bond is nurtured with love, so should every song be!

All our songs are truly original and crafted as per our client’s story, occasion and specifications


Our team of passionate storytellers are great listeners too 🙂 They listen to all your requirements and ask you lots of questions to create something that results in a heart-warming piece of lyrics that would definitely make you go “ That’s so us”


Our Composers treat every song like an award-winning entry. And that is what creates an original melody which feels straight out of a blockbuster album


Well, we must accept! Our producers are a bit OCD about every minute details that goes into your song. They’ll pull all-nighters and a million redos, just to hear “Perfect” from you!

An Absolutely timeless Gift

Let’s all agree, finding the right gift is sometimes the most difficult task when it comes to expressing your feelings, blessings, wishes and love. Let us take care of your emotions and weave them all together into a timeless and precious gift of music that will forever remind your dear ones, of how much they are loved and valued and cherished


For the love we share!

It’s the love and appreciation from our family (clients, as they are called) that fuels us up to do more and better each time, every time!

Hi Wishbeats, this is the most amazing gift I can give her! I can never thank you guys enough. The money I paid is peanuts in front of the happiness this song is going to bring on her face! You guys have made it the most special. Its simply mind blowing!

Highly Recommended. Genuine work and they are adaptive according to your requirement. Definitely the best pick for a unique surprise for your loved ones.

These guys are really helpful and brilliant with the work well deserving 5 stars. Thank you guys

So, enough about us!

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